Re: Cross-posting [Moderator musing]

From: Pim van Meurs <>
Date: Fri Jun 03 2005 - 23:50:58 EDT

I apologize. While most of my postings were mirrored later on PT, I did
post some contributions which referenced PT for further information. I
can appreciate that such self promotion, especially when it includes
commercial interests may be objectionable.
I will limit my contributions appropriately .

I thank the moderator for his thoughtful reminder.

Terry M. Gray wrote:

> To the list,
> I hate to distract us from some interesting and fruitful discussion,
> but with Denyse's and Pim's cross-posting from the post-darwinist blog
> and the Panda's thumb forum, I wanted to know what we all thought of
> that practice.
> I have told others on the list from time to time--we know where you
> live. In other words, if we're interested in your blog or forum or
> website, we'll go there. You don't need to republish it here.
> An occasional summary of some discussions with a link to the other
> site might be good, especially if there is something interesting, but
> daily updates of what's on your blog seems to me to turn our list into
> your blog. On the edge of propriety in my opinion.
> What do you think? On-list or private responses, it doesn't matter to me.
> TG
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