RE: Cross-posting [Moderator musing]

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Fri Jun 03 2005 - 23:17:52 EDT

Denyse wrote:

> Just let me know if you do not wish the list to be apprised of new events
> the Post-Darwinist.
> It makes no difference to me. I assumed I was providing a service, but
> perhaps not.

Oh you did provide a service. Thanks to your keeping us advised of the
Smithsonian situation I was able to email the city editor at the Washington
Post. (I live in Northern Virginia and was published in the Post in 1986.)
I was contacted by Tommy Nguyen, a Post reporter, and clued him in
resulting in his piece in the Post Thursday followed by the editorial today.

Thanks to your diligent reporting, thousands more now know the underhanded
techniques Discovery Institute, armed with Bill Gates money, will employ to
further their aims. I only hope that DI will get its nose bloodied often
enough that it will evolve into something respectable.

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