Re: The Washington Post "Dissing Darwian"

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Fri Jun 03 2005 - 20:17:39 EDT


> Why should schools be any different from church? I doubt that you
> think that church should be "public" (let's say "neutral" here) in
> order to enrich the experience. If education is as worldview-based as
> I suggest it is, then in our current model we have to decide which
> worldview is going to undergird the educational experience. To exclude
> religion from public education the way it is currently done is by no
> means neutral.

I would argue that the failure is not of the public schools, it is a
failure of the church. The church has increasingly abrogated is
responsibility to train its members in the faith. The theology taught
in many sunday schools and from many pulpits is poor at best, and does
not prepare its members to be the transforming power that the church is
called to be. We should not expect the public schools to do what the
local church has failed to do.

I am convinced that Christians who are well grounded in their faith
will have that faith strengthened in a diverse public school setting.
They will also begin the life long process of learning to live out
their faith in the real world.

I am not saying that there is no place for private religious schools
and colleges. I certainly think that there is. However, I believe
that the majority of Christians would be served best by a diverse
public education.

All the best,

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