Evening updates to the Post-Darwinist on the Smithsonian Id uproar

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I had never realized that the US government had established a religion, but
hey, the last time I (a Canadian) studied US history was in 1964, and that
country has clearly changed a lot since then. But why this? Why now?

Jonathan Witt, a screenwriter for The Privileged Planet, points out,

Of course, finding one example of the Smithsonian boosting Carl Sagan's
Cosmos, with its opening and patently atheistic creedal statement, is a
little like finding an Italian restaurant in Rome to verify that the city is
run by Italians.


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[Note from Denyse to posters of comments: To the person who wrote, "Denyse,
thanks for showing some integrity by not deleting comments that aren't
kissing your [hearse]. Your credibility is thus higher than Dembski's."
Well, you are surely not surprised that I have borfed your post. Handy rule:
I am a Canadian grandmother and a loyal subject of Queen Elizabeth II.
Language that you would not use if you were given an opportunity to state
your case at Windsor Palace is not welcome here either. Also, I do not have
time to run a Hall of Justice for unfairly borfed posts. If you disagree
with my judgements, get your own blog. With all its defects, the Internet is
the last free country in the world. - cheers, Denyse ]

As always, cheers, Denyse

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