Re: The Genesis Square

From: Don Nield <>
Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 19:45:25 EDT

The placement of the 64 letters is not arbitrary, but the pattern
selection is subjective. For example, waw is a common Hebrew letter and
naturally it appears a large number of times in your matrix, and you
have highlighted an arbitrary selection in your matrix G1.

This shows imagination and ingenuity on your part, but it has no greater

David Bradford wrote:

> Dear ASA members,
> Last summer, I announced that I would soon make available a web-page
> to support the notion of a numerical watermark in Genesis 1:1. Now,
> having followed the debate in various threads, the latest being "Call
> me a fideist", I have had a change of mind.
> Instead, I have decided to put forward an alternative form of evidence
> for supernal design that does not depend on numerology. You will find
> my contribution at and I hope you will
> give up just a few minutes of your time to taste the flavour of it.
> This is not, at present, a large site, and if you do take the trouble
> to investigate, I would ask you only to keep in mind three things.
> First that what you will see all emanates from a tiny portion of the
> Bible's text. And second, that as it is completely different from the
> unpopular numerical aspects, it is therefore additional to them; in
> effect, the evidence is not doubled, it is Squared. Finally, I am
> reporting only what is there to be found.
> Regards
> David Bradford

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