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From: David Bradford <>
Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 16:48:06 EDT

Dear ASA members,
Last summer, I announced that I would soon make available a web-page to support the notion of a numerical watermark in Genesis 1:1. Now, having followed the debate in various threads, the latest being "Call me a fideist", I have had a change of mind.

Instead, I have decided to put forward an alternative form of evidence for supernal design that does not depend on numerology. You will find my contribution at and I hope you will give up just a few minutes of your time to taste the flavour of it. This is not, at present, a large site, and if you do take the trouble to investigate, I would ask you only to keep in mind three things. First that what you will see all emanates from a tiny portion of the Bible's text. And second, that as it is completely different from the unpopular numerical aspects, it is therefore additional to them; in effect, the evidence is not doubled, it is Squared. Finally, I am reporting only what is there to be found.

David Bradford
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