RE: "Evolution's Greatest Inventions."

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Date: Sat Apr 30 2005 - 23:19:57 EDT

The lists of "Evolution's Greatest Inventions" and "Gravity's Greatest Inventions" do not make sense. Inventions imply an Inventor. The following list makes sense.


"Edison's Greatest Inventions"


1) Electrical vote recorder

2) Universal stock ticker and the unison stop.

3) Automatic telegraph system

4) Electric pen used for the first mimeographs

5) Phonograph

6) Incandescent light

7) Radically improved dynamos and generators.

8) Motion picture camera

9) System of wireless induction telegraph

10) Fluorescent electric lamp


Your list deals with purely physical entities. The evolution list deals with life and conscious living beings. The philosophical/theological issues in the former are minimal whereas are maximal in the latter.



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> > > "Evolution's Greatest Inventions."


1) Stars
2) Metals (atoms beyond hydrogen and helium)
3) Galaxies
4) Planetary systems
5) Planets with liquid water and atmospheres
6) Black Holes
7) Supernovas
8) Planetary rings
9) Comets

  Here are my questions: If a journal published a list of "gravity's
greatest inventions," would anyone (Christian or non-Christian) read into
that list some sort of advance of a Materialistic worldview which was
incompatible with scriptural Theism? And is there any significant
philosophical or theological difference between the two lists?

Loren Haarsma
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