RE: Bible and YEC and Faith

From: Don Perrett <>
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 23:19:58 EDT

Walt wrote:

>>>>>>>>>>> I can have faith in Jesus Christ, but how can I have faith in a
book that misleads people so badly -- as in the case of YEC? Is not more
logical (and better!) to simply dismiss the notion the OT is infallible on
all matters?

Consider this. First, the Bible "is" infallible, if one understands the
definition of infallible. The definition used by the Roman Catholic Church
is "Incapable of error in expounding doctrine on faith or morals". In this
way, the Bible is infallible. Infallible in the sense of strictly incapable
of error, it is nearly impossible for anything to be such. Whether a
typographical error or translation, etc. The message contained is
infallible. Our understanding and interpretation is fallible. The error is
ours. This does not mean that everything in the Bible should be taken
directly and literally. That is a "way" of interpreting, but not necessary
what was meant by the authors. Whether one believes in an apologetic that
finds correlation between science and scripture or believes in some direct
meaning, this will not change what the Bible is actually saying. Being
spiritual is not just the end, it is the process, and the Bible is an
essential part of that process. Recommendation: Read the parts of the Bible
that bring YOU to a closer spiritual relationship with the Creator and
Christ. When you feel your faith is strong enough, then tackle the parts
where you may still lack understanding. Taking on issues where things are
unclear, to many people, WILL distract one from the ultimate goal of
salvation and spirituality, especially if your faith depends on the very
things one is unsure of. So as Jan said "Hold on to your faith in God and
Jesus Christ", let no one take His grace from you. ALL of us are wrong in
some, most or even all of our understandings of scripture.

As for YECs: The problem is not defense of the infallible Word of God, it
is their belief in "their" infallible understanding of the Word. Of course
the same can be said of many of us. But you are correct the YEC
agenda/ideology does put many at risk of having to choose between science
"facts" and what they are told of scripture.

Don P
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