Re: Bible and YEC and Faith

From: wallyshoes <>
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 22:25:34 EDT

Jan de Koning wrote:


> "Wallyshoes" and Michael go on believing that Jesus Christ died for your
> sins, and that none of us can understand the Word of the Lord as it ought
> to be read. We are sinners, and will always think that we know best, but
> God gave us His word, not for scientific research but to show us the way to
> Him. Places we do not understand we can talk about, but we should listen
> to each other, which Vernon has not done. As I said, he never answered my
> objections and reasoning.
> Hold on to your faith in God and Jesus Christ,
> Jan de Koning

I still see a big problem, Jan. Many place a lot of faith in the Bible but so
many people like Vernon use it to arrive at borderline crazy notions. I can
have faith in Jesus Christ, but how can I have faith in a book that misleads
people so badly -- as in the case of YEC? Is not more logical (and better!) to
simply dismiss the notion the OT is infallible on all matters?

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