Re: Bible and YEC and Faith

From: Jan de Koning <>
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 10:26:53 EDT

At 08:32 AM 4/29/2005, wallyshoes wrote:
>Discussions by people with a mindset like Vernon really upset me. I
>wonder how many have lost their faith and how many will never come to
>know Jesus Christ due to such ridiculous notions. Somebody recently said
>that the Bible should should not be blamed for YEC and I wholeheartedly
>hope that is true.

I have been a Christian for 80 years now, but I do agree with what you
say. I note as well that I tried a couple of times to get Vernon reply to
my objections to his way of reading the Old Testament. He never replied to
my objections, because they clearly, in my opinion, showed that one cannot
read the Old Testament the way he does. In the first place, because did
not talk to the Old Testament people in modern English, but in a language
which as not even Hebrew yet. Also, my objections pointing to his
"readings" because he did not take into account the old hieroglyphic
writings of Babylonians and Egyptians were never answered by him. I
pointed to a book written by my uncle, unfortunately only available in
Dutch, but available in University libraries. He never bothered even
replying that he could not read Dutch. But that may be so, but he cannot
read Hebrew either, and seems to think that the OT people were thinking in
the way modern Americans think. Another objection to him is that, for
example, Gen.1 is so clearly a poetic song glorifying God for what He did
for us in creation, and showing how "man" fell into thinking that he knew
better what God wanted, then God Himself.
The first 11 chapters of Genesis are so clearly an introduction to God's
Word, rather than an telling of "historical" facts. Besides God did not
talk to them in English, so that any historical and/or scientific facts,
even when they were written in Hebrew would not be understood by the people
living then.

I agree, that it is difficult for me to understand how anyone can read
these chapters as "historical". Even the fact that any immigrant to this
continent can verify that it is difficult to understand the thought
patterns of the people who live in the country already. Now reading the
Bible makes it even more difficult, because of the difference in time.

"Wallyshoes" and Michael go on believing that Jesus Christ died for your
sins, and that none of us can understand the Word of the Lord as it ought
to be read. We are sinners, and will always think that we know best, but
God gave us His word, not for scientific research but to show us the way to
Him. Places we do not understand we can talk about, but we should listen
to each other, which Vernon has not done. As I said, he never answered my
objections and reasoning.

Hold on to your faith in God and Jesus Christ,

Jan de Koning
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