Re: Bible and YEC and Faith

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 09:34:48 EDT

I totally agree with you Walt and also regard all forms of YEC as
faith-destroying as well as total nonsense. I did not consider Vernon's last
post as worthy or possible of reply.

I came to faith weeks before graduating in geology but fortunately there was
no Ken Ham or Henry Morris around to dissuade me. I am quite sure that if at
that time I heard a lecture from a YEC I may well have dismissed
Christianity as a load of moonshine

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> Discussions by people with a mindset like Vernon really upset me. I
> wonder how many have lost their faith and how many will never come to
> know Jesus Christ due to such ridiculous notions. Somebody recently said
> that the Bible should should not be blamed for YEC and I wholeheartedly
> hope that is true.
> I became a committed Christian at the age of 19. It came about due to
> reading the New Testament, and discussions with a :born again Christian.
> When I read the Old Testament, I never once thought that it was saying
> that the earth was young. If I ever had, then I would have discarded the
> OT Bible as useless.
> Just reading the stuff that Vernon and the like say, severely shakes my
> faith in the Bible. If a large group of Christians really believe that
> the Bible teaches such hooey, is that not a testimony that the Bible is
> simply *not* the infallible word of God? I truly hope that that Paul was
> saying that the Bible was crafted by inspired writers and that it is
> valuable for theology and ethics. I see no implication that they
> considered it to be infallible in other matters.
> Vernon's extremist views are very discouraging and faith threatening to
> many people such as me..
> Walt
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