Bible and YEC and Faith

From: wallyshoes <>
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 08:32:30 EDT

Discussions by people with a mindset like Vernon really upset me. I
wonder how many have lost their faith and how many will never come to
know Jesus Christ due to such ridiculous notions. Somebody recently said
that the Bible should should not be blamed for YEC and I wholeheartedly
hope that is true.

I became a committed Christian at the age of 19. It came about due to
reading the New Testament, and discussions with a :born again Christian.
When I read the Old Testament, I never once thought that it was saying
that the earth was young. If I ever had, then I would have discarded the
OT Bible as useless.

Just reading the stuff that Vernon and the like say, severely shakes my
faith in the Bible. If a large group of Christians really believe that
the Bible teaches such hooey, is that not a testimony that the Bible is
simply *not* the infallible word of God? I truly hope that that Paul was
saying that the Bible was crafted by inspired writers and that it is
valuable for theology and ethics. I see no implication that they
considered it to be infallible in other matters.

Vernon's extremist views are very discouraging and faith threatening to
many people such as me..


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