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   My very limited knowledge of British history has shown
> me that there has been a long history of tremendous hatred and bigotry
> between the English and the Irish for several reasons--different cultures,
> ethnicities, and religions tempered by atrocities from both sides.
MR some still have problems with americans, but I will leave

> > However, I question the implications, interpretations, and judgements
> given
> in the last two.
 Was Darwinism and 'evolutionary thinking' the reason for
> Kingsley's racism?
MR Definitely not. Anyway Darwin was not a racialist but only a racist in
today's perverted PC understanding.

  Does Kingsley actually reject and distort God's word as
> a result of Darwin?
MR No he was always a fairly orthodox so slightly liberal Anglican. He didnt
like Roman or Anglo-catholcis and evangelicals didnt like him!!

 Or do Kingsley's words reflect the common opinions of
> his time where similar statements could be pulled from numerous writers?
MR absolutely

> ... and has AiG removed Kingsley's words from their cultural context and,
> not so subtly, used them to slant the story and push their own agenda that
> Darwin's ideas are a cancer that destroys a man's religion?
MR what do you expect from AIG and ICR /

Lastly I suggest people follow up Asa Gray both the man and the scientist
Dupree has written a fine biography.

> These are the questions that I would put to the historians.

Happy now


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> Mea Culpa, I forgot to mention Kingsley tremendous social concern for the
> needy . He was a founder of the Christian Socialists and his record on
> these
> things was exemplary. I am surprised he hasn't been got for being a
> socialist! His speciality was the Gospel of Sanitation as he stressed the
> need for good sewerage after the Cholera outbreaks.
> Incidentally the Water Babies has a parody of the Huxley Wilberforce
> meeting
> in 1860 written a short time after he met his close friend Huxley and
> Wilberforce in about 1862.
> Like all Christians CK had his flaws but not as many as us.
> Michael
> "Judge not, and you will not be judged. Condemn not and you will not be
>> condemned." (Anyone need chapter and verse?)
> Who said that?
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