Re: New Pope on Darwinism - NO!

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 13:26:33 EDT

I agree with George's comments on mine, including this part:

I would add that process theology is not all bad. (It is, after all, hard

to be wrong about everything!) While there are certainly problematic
aspects of it, PT's insistence on God's involvement with temporality and
suffering of the world are correct, & in those regards it's more
satisfactory than much of philosophical theism that passes for
But genuinely incarnational & trinitarian theologies are able to express
those themes without abandoning the uniqueness of Christ, /creatio ex
nihilo/ & justification /sola gratia.

And genuine Christians can be process thinkers, I know some myself.
However, I do not believe that they are really *thinking* like Christians
when they go fully into process theism. IMO, the incarnation and
resurrection (ie, the bodily resurrection), not to mention creatio ex
nihilo, are core Christian doctrines (l am simply leaving aside
justification, which is also a core doctrine however it be conceived) that
require genuine transcendence and something like omnipotence. Process
theologians, at least classically, do not affirm such things; indeed they
deny them. Hence I do not recognize process theism as an appropriate
Christian option, even though I believe that some process theists are

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