Re: ICR's ACTS & FACTS for May, 2005

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 18:21:35 EDT

> MBR I dont think CD suffered from depression

The web-page I gave of famous people who suffered from depression
cites Darwin. It didn't have any particular axe to grind.

> If D. did indeed suffer from depression, then it should be regarded
> with compassion, not as ammunition for a hatchet job, and therefore,
> whatever one thinks of the theory of evolution, the ICR article has to
> be regarded as being in pretty poor taste. MBR THAT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT I

Well, since you commented earlier about Darwin's propensity for
understatement in his own writing, I'll take that as a compliment! ;-)

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