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I meant this to go out to the list.

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> Peacocke, in fact, was part of the inner circle of Pope John Paul II's
> advisers in creating the Vatican Observatory-CTNS conferences on science
> and theology. Arthur, George Coyne (Directory of the Vatican
> Observatory), Michael Buckley (philosopher of science), and the pope's
> personal friend Michael Heller (philosopher) drafted the speech that JPII
> gave at the opening of the first conference in 1987. I gave a link to it
> shortly after the pope's death. You can read it also in the opening to
> the volume _Physics, Philosophy and Theology: : A Common Quest for
> Understanding_ (1988), p. 1-14. Peacocke also was one of the editors of
> the conference volume entitled _Molecular and Evolutionary Biology:
> Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action_ (1998), in which you can find
> the letter from JPII to George Coyne in which he made his famous statement
> supporting the validity of evolution.
> I find the lengthy quotation from the address by Cardinal Ratzinger I sent
> out earlier today very much in line with JPII's views on big bang and
> biological evolution. On that ground alone, I would not jump to the
> conclusion that our ID advocates have done in spinning the brief statement
> in Benedict XVI's inaugural homily.
> I just realized that I have violated the "four messages" rule: mea maxima
> culpa, and I'll do better tomorrow.
> Bob
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