Re: Non-truths that do not transform

From: Jim Armstrong <>
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 02:31:11 EDT

   Add to that the determination of the center of the Milky Way galaxy
at 20,000 light years via proper motion measurement of the dist clouds
and water molecules near the black hole center. Also, the measurement of
nearby galaxy NGC 4258 which involves the large radio telescope arrays
and Kepler's 3rd Law of orbital motion - Rogier Windhorst says that to
deny this 23.5 million light year distance is essentially to invalidate
Kepler's Third Law which can be derived from Newton's Law of Gravitation
to which we entrust every launched satellite and space probe. Also,
winding back the Hubble expansion in simple form gives 15 billion years.
The relativistic time dilation observed with distant supernovae says
they are a very long way away and traveling as a fraction of light speed
that is no longer ignorable - validating the expansion model (and the
time of expansion). And then there's that pesky Cosmic Microwave
Background Radiation measurement that gave us the 13.70.2 billion year
age, measuring universe conditions that never were according to Vern's
model. That's a lot of fuss and bother for appearances sake.

Why bother? We only find these things by curiosity and ration. He could
have made all this happen in such a way that the results were not
amenable to reason. Why then would he put those artifacts there for us
to discover and be misled if they were wrong? That would indeed be
As sovereign, I guess that would be OK, but not kind from our
perspective. And just how would that help or encourage us in our quest
for a living faith in this Creator? JimA
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