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I await your views on this with interest. In the Solar System
there are a number of observations based on celestial
mechanics and tidal forces that show quite clearly that it
is much much more than about 10,000 years old. Although
unlike radiometric dating these processes may not give
very accurate ages, they are good enough to show that a
young Solar System is not possible, and they are quite
independent on radiometric dating as follows:

1) Our moon and most of the moons of the other planets keep
the same face to their parent planets. With the exception of
the very irregular moon Hyperion of Saturn, as far as I know,
the only moons that do not show synchronous rotation are outer
small moons of several of the planets.

2) Jupiter and the inner three of the four Galilean moons, Io,
Europe and Ganymede, are old enough for these moons to
be in exact resonance orbits, but not old enough for the
outermost moon Callisto. Several of the moons of Saturn and
Uranus are also in resonance orbits.

3) Both Pluto and its moon Charon are tidally locked, i.e. each
shows one face to the other.

4) Mercury is in a 2:3 spin orbit resonance, i.e. for every two
orbits it makes around the sun it turns on its axis three times
relative to the distant stars. If Mercury were in a circular orbit,
it would probably be locked in a 1:1 spin-orbit resonance like
the moon, but the orbit is appreciably eccentric.

5) There is a 3:2 orbital period radio of Neptune and Pluto.

6) The asteroids in the main belt are not distributed smoothly,
but certain exact orbital resonances with Jupiter are avoided.

All these depend on celestial mechanics and in some cases
tidal forces, and the time scales are much too long to be
possible if the Solar System were only about 10,000, unless
you propose that God deliberately placed the planets, moons
and asteroids in such configurations as a part of a deceptive
plan. What fully functional purpose would such orbital
resonances have?

Christopher Sharp
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