Definition of Science: Two poems that help define science

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PARADOX by Clarence R. Wylie Jr.

Not truth, nor certainty. These I forswore
In my novitiate, as young men called
To holy orders must abjure the world.
'If...,then...,' this only I assert;
And my successes are but pretty chains
Linking twin doubts, for it is vain to ask
If what I postulate be justified,
Or what I prove possess the stamp of fact.

Yet bridges stand, and men no longer crawl
In two dimension. And such triumphs stem
In no small measure from the power this game,
Played with the thrice-attentuated shades
Of things, has over their originals.
How frail the wand, but how profound the spell!


by Ronnie J. Hastings, Ph.D. (1983)

Galileo was chided by the God-fearing for observing
that the solar system is Copernican, not Ptolemaic.
And yet... the wanderers did and do move about the

Newton was chided by the God-fearing for describing
all motions with mathematics, not with divine will.
And yet...measurements in mechanics could and can be
predicted with precision through calculation.

Lavoisier was chided by the God-fearing for explaining
chemistry as quantative reactions, not as miracles or
magic. And yet...substances did and do appear and
disappear with predictable regularity in labs

Darwin was chided by the God-fearing for showing the
diversity of life resulting from ecological factors
and adaption to them, not from theistic interventions.

And had and has a single structure and has
changed and does change forms in time.

Einstein was chided by the God-fearing for
demonstrating the democracy of observers, not the
absolute God's-eye view. And and time have
changed and do change from frame of reference to frame
of reference, and the laws of nature have been and are
the same for all frames.

Perhaps the God-fearing are right to fear God. If God
is the source of reality, they have been fighting or
ignoring God's facts for four hundred years!


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