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You must by now know that my overall thesis is simply this: methodological naturalism cannot be considered a complete and satisfactory basis for the study of matters which - deliberately, or otherwise - demand a rewrite of divine revelation, for the simple reason that the latter (the 'sword of the Spirit') involves the supernatural and the promise of spiritual conflict. I have drawn attention to Ephesians 6:10-18, believing that _all_ Christians necessarily accept the Apostle's words as true - particularly as they see them confirmed in their own lives. How my efforts to alert fellow members of this forum to these fundamental realities can be interpreted as a belief that they are _devil worshippers_, is completely beyond me. Some further words of explanation would be appreciated.

You further suggest that there are many parts of the Bible I need to read. I'm sure you are correct. However, I would welcome a list of those you particularly have in mind.


PS I shall be addressing the vexed question of 'apparent age' in a separate posting.


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  You continue to misuse Holy Scripture to attempt to demonstrate that we are under the influence of the Devil. You should apologise to all of us at once.

  If God created everything with the appearance of age then he must be the DEVIL, who you think we worship.

  Generally appalled by your supa-supa-supa-spiritual attitude, - a little humility and respect would not go amiss.

  If you look carefully most posters here are Christians who are genuinely seeking the truth, and all we get from you are nasty slurs. You get the same from the likes of Ken Ham and Duane Gish.

  There are many parts of the Bible you need to read

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