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Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 14:54:52 EDT

Rich -

You really ought ot distinguish between "dealing with evolution" and "dealing with evolution as Rich Faussette does." A number of people on this list (myself, other contributors to Perspectives on an Evolving Creation, Glenn Morton, Dick Fischer e.g.) as well as theologians who don't participate here have dealt with evolution in ways that are more profound than simply saying that Christianity isn't in conflict with evolution. I don't agree with them all & I know you don't but that's another matter. It simply isn't true that you're the only person here who tries to deal with evolution & theology in a way that goes beyond superficial reconciliation.

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>Recently, Fr. Martin Hilbert of the Toronto Oratory gave
>a talk at Ryerson
>University in which he made perfectly clear that the
>Catholic Church does
>NOT support Darwinism, and anyone who so represents it
>is, at best,

    And if by Darwinism, you mean random, purposeless
    evolution without any influence from God, then I would not
    expect the Catholic Church to support Darwinism, and I
    doubt anyone here would either.
  The Catholic Church is in the same boat you all are (I'm addressing the list). All they can say is that the religion is not in conflict with evolution (and the late pope has said that) however, realistically the church is not dealing with evolution. I attended a lecture on the patriarchs at the headquarters of opus dei in NY last monday evening. It was given by George Sim Johnston, author of Did Darwin Get it Right?
  He did not counter my remark during his class that Jacob's deliberate breeding down of Laban's flocks was an example of directed natural selection cited by Darwin himself. Caused a buzz.
  You should also use evolution instead of Darwinism. Evolution is a natural process and in John Paul's remarks and Benedict's remarks they said evolution. Darwinism is often used for the social agenda that some people made of evolution and it is wrong to confound the two.

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