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Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 13:36:26 EDT

Historian of science John Greene was once conversing with Theodosius
Dobzhansky and mentioned him in the same breath with Ernst Mayr: "Don't put
Mayr and me in the same boat," Dobzhansky replied, "he is an agnostic and I
am a Russian Orthodox Christian." (I hope my memory is correct on the words
of the quotation.)


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>I heard Roman Catholic evolutionist Michael Behe (and yes, you read that
> description accuately) speak this past weekend at Dover High School, not
> 15
> miles from my home. In response to questions from the audience, he very
> clearly stated that he accepts the common descent of humans and other
> organisms, and that he accepts that the universe is billions of years old.
> He pointed out that his questions concern only whether or not Darwinian
> mechanisms are completely adequate to account for the origin of complexity
> in living things.
> I've long felt that his views are very similar to those of Asa Gray, the
> first American Darwinian. I would call Gray in some ways an advocate of
> "intelligent design" while also being an evolutionist who endorsed natural
> selection as operative to produce speciation. My sense is that Behe would
> agree with Gray about that.
> Now, it is true that Behe's approach to ID is minimalist; he described his
> own view as "mere ID," since he accepts a lot of science that other IDs
> don't, esp the part about common descent. He also clearly rejects the
> reductionism that is very often seen as linked necessarily to Darwinism.
> IMO, his type of TE position (er, excuse me, ID position) fits the new
> pope's statement. And so did Asa Gray's position, and so does mine.
> Ernst Mayr's position, on the other hand, very clearly did not.
> Ted
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