Re: New Pope on Darwinism - NO!

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 11:52:52 EDT

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> Come ON, George!
> B 16 is clearly signalling that he will make it more difficult to promote
> naturalism by claiming that "the Pope supports evolution."
> Groups like NCSE have been doing that for quite a while now. They seem to
> have more dog collars than the Humane Society.
> Here in Canada, I am seeing encouraging signs that Catholics are waking up
> to what is being done in their name.
> Recently, Fr. Martin Hilbert of the Toronto Oratory gave a talk at Ryerson
> University in which he made perfectly clear that the Catholic Church does
> NOT support Darwinism, and anyone who so represents it is, at best,
> confused.
> Years ago, I did not run into many Catholics who had that many smarts
> about
> the key issues, but I am seeing more of them all the time.
> Prediction: The number of Catholics interested in ID will spike.

When I point out your ambiguous use of "Darwinism" you respond with another
classical ambiguity, "naturalism." Do you ever try for clarity? Are you
able to distinguish, at least in principle, the 2 senses of "Darwinism" that
I spoke about earlier? & similarly with metaphysical & methodological
naturalism? If you can't then everything you say on this topic will
continue to be muddled.

Maybe you ought to consider the possibility that some of the people with
"dog collars" who support good science education & oppose things like ID
actually know something about theology. The fact that IDers avoid serious
discussion of theology when at all possible (as you also do in your recent
book - & when you do talk about it you generally get it wrong) is

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