RE: New Pope on Darwinism - NO!

From: Denyse O'Leary <>
Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 11:30:05 EDT

Come ON, George!

B 16 is clearly signalling that he will make it more difficult to promote
naturalism by claiming that "the Pope supports evolution."

Groups like NCSE have been doing that for quite a while now. They seem to
have more dog collars than the Humane Society.
Here in Canada, I am seeing encouraging signs that Catholics are waking up
to what is being done in their name.

Recently, Fr. Martin Hilbert of the Toronto Oratory gave a talk at Ryerson
University in which he made perfectly clear that the Catholic Church does
NOT support Darwinism, and anyone who so represents it is, at best,

Years ago, I did not run into many Catholics who had that many smarts about
the key issues, but I am seeing more of them all the time.

Prediction: The number of Catholics interested in ID will spike.

Cheers, Denyse

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There is the usual bait & switch here (on the part of Denyse, not the Pope).
Of course no Christian believes in "Darwinism" as a total world view. 
Whether or not Darwin was correct in his belief that natural selection is 
the primary mechanism for evolution is quite another matter.  I don't see 
Pope Benedict contradicting that at all.  & if he did he'd be wrong.
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