Re: definition of science ["a search for knowledge, rather than a search for truth"]

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 09:46:42 EDT

> ED: I think theology and science differ in this
> respect:
> A theologian dies and goes to heaven and asks God how
> he created everything, and God replies, "It was a
> miracle." And the theologian is satisfied.

This is a vast misrepresentation of what theology is. Theology is the
"study of God." That includes understanding God's character, and the
character of God's interaction with the created physical universe. I
see one of the most fundamental aspects as relational -- the nature of
God's relationship with the Creation, of our relationship with God, of
our relationship with the rest of the Creation, and of our relationship
with other humans. These are all vitally important issues but are only
tangentially related to the How of Creation.

BTW: I deliberately made my definition of religion broad, because the
question was to define religion, not Christianity. While philosophy
and religion overlap, my definition would not include most of

I should probably shut up and let theologians speak to the question.

All the best,

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