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"There you go again" is a useful phrase to use in response to YEC
distortions of evolution and ad hominem attacks against evolutionary science
and scientists.


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> This month continues ICR's emphasis on "no death before the Fall."
> From John Morris's cover letter: ""let me suggest that creation-based
> thinking can help the Christian. . . . man is created in the image of God
> . . . Satan is engaged in a long war against God . . . How else can we
> explain the national preoccupation with death . . . the clamor for Terri
> Schiavo's death? . . . A society which embraces [evolution] can be
> expected t o have a callous view toward life."
> From the bulletin: Dr. Gish (age 84) announces his retirement.(sort of).
> He has lectured or debated (300 debates; always the "clear victor!) in
> every state but Maine, plus 40 countries.
> I first met Duane at an ICR week long seminar in 1988 in Dallas. We have
> had many good conversations and a few email exchanges. I consider him a
> friend. At the same time I see how much damage he has done to the
> Christian faith over his 84 years. He, of course, has similar feelings
> toward me!
> Gish was once an ASA member; he opposed the ASA's drift toward theistic
> evolution and formed the Creation Research Society in 1963. The ICR was
> formed in 1972.
> John Morris has a laudatory article on Gish, who will receive the
> "Issachar Award" this month from Cornerstone University. Another
> "institution of lower learning" to beware of!
> Pane4. Over 3,300 pastors and Christian leaders gathered at a conference
> in Sun Valley, CA where ICR presented the latest update on the RATE
> "research." Over 3,000 copies of THE GENESIS RECORD were distributed as
> complimentary gifts to the attendees. Henry Morris was there; John
> MacArthur gave him a warm public tribute. Morris was greeted by a
> standing ovation from a "packed house" when introduced.
> The upcoming RATE conference on November 5, 2005, was heavily promoted.
> RATE promotional DVDs are available for churches who want them.
> Page 5. Article on the laryngeal nerve. Why the "loop?" The corrupt
> philosophy of evolution ism says it is unnecessary. Creation scientists
> (not named of course) have several ideas to the contrary.
> Page 6. Laudatory articles on recent lectures by Gulizza, Parker, Gish,
> Sherwin, Criswell.
> Insert -- IMPACT #383. "Darwin's Passion for Hunting and Killing." A
> discussion of his "sadistic bent."
> Insert -- "Back to Genesis." Article on ICR's origins.What its purpose is
> NOT. What its purpose IS -- education.
> Last page -- Article "Has Any Progress Been Made in Getting Creation in
> the Public Schools?" Discussion of the Georgia sticker. Evolutionists are
> ". . . afraid of open discussion of the data." Some debate strategies
> suggested. Use Reagan's phrase "There you go again." "maybe then the
> media and the public at large will recognize this as a religious issue,
> with the evolution side hiding behind dogma and authority and unwilling
> to engage in an open dialog."
> And that's the sorry story for another month.
> Burgy
> (Review of Scott's latest book, "Evolution and Craetionism."
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