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You continue to misuse Holy Scripture to attempt to demonstrate that we are under the influence of the Devil. You should apologise to all of us at once.

If God created everything with the appearance of age then he must be the DEVIL, who you think we worship.

Generally appalled by your supa-supa-supa-spiritual attitude, - a little humility and respect would not go amiss.

If you look carefully most posters here are Christians who are genuinely seeking the truth, and all we get from you are nasty slurs. You get the same from the likes of Ken Ham and Duane Gish.

There are many parts of the Bible you need to read


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  Hi Christopher,

  While we await Dr.D.James Kennedy's response to your letter let me press you a little regarding one of the matters raised. You wrote, "The real irony of YEC is that its proponents...often resort to some form of deceptive creation with the appearance of age."

  I trust you would agree that anything created by divine fiat ex nihilo (as strongly implied by the words of Genesis 1) must be fully functional from day one, and hence must inevitably assume an 'appearance of age'. Surely, to deny this is to question the capabilities of the Creator. So, if we believe in a God for whom nothing is impossible (Gen.18:14), how can we Christians deny the possibility of something being younger than it appears?

  As in our earlier exchanges you consistently refuse to accept the fact that - to be meaningful and truly productive - all discussions involving matters which raise questions concerning the Integrity and Authority of the Judaeo-Christian Scriptures must involve a consideration of the _supernatural_. Your being satisfied with the restricted light of methodological naturalism suggests you have little time for the cautions expressed in Eph.6:10-18 and 1Pet.5:8, for example. Is that, indeed, your position?


  PS By the way, you mustn't be misled by the bad press that _numerology_ has acquired over the years. In the hands of the Lord it can - and has - become a powerful Christian apologetic.

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    Thanks for your message, but I doubt that Dr. D. James
    Kennedy will respond, but if he does I will let you know.



      Your letter to Dr. Kennedy articulated beautifully the scientific and
      theological failings of the young earth position. And, it was expressed
      both forcefully and graciously and in the spirit of Christ.

      Please let us know whether Dr. D. James responds.


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