Re: Non-truths that do not transform

From: Bill Dozier <>
Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 20:45:08 EDT

On Apr 25, 2005, at 3:51 PM, Vernon Jenkins wrote:
> Hi Christopher,
> While we await Dr.D.James Kennedy's response to your letter let me
> press you a little regarding one of the matters raised. You wrote,
> "The real irony of YEC is that its proponents...often resort to some
> form of deceptive creation with the appearance of age."


surely you understand the difference between a fully-functional cosmos
created 6000 years ago and one that gives every appearance of being 14
billion years old.

> PS  By the way, you mustn't be misled by the bad press that
> _numerology_ has acquired over the years. In the hands of the Lord it
> can - and has - become a powerful Christian apologetic.

If someone has already suggested this, then I apologize in advance for
boring you. ;{>

There is precious little apologetic in the Bible; there's no place
where God makes a case for his own existence. If He had done so, in
what system of logic would he argue? Would an argument in those terms
be convincing today? You can now, like any other time in the past,
construct apologetics from the Bible, but that's a different matter.

He just says, "I AM. Deal with it." Jesus offered only his resurrection
as proof. I think that's quite a lot right there.

I'm sorry, Vernon, but since God doesn't make an explicit case for
himself, then the idea that God left "Easter eggs" in the Bible for
folks to find later on as some sort of validation of his revelation is
simply bizarre.

On the other hand, if looked at another way, it does sound a lot like
some of the ID arguments.

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