ICR's ACTS & FACTS for May, 2005

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Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 16:27:42 EDT

This month continues ICR's emphasis on "no death before the Fall."

From John Morris's cover letter: ""let me suggest that creation-based
thinking can help the Christian. . . . man is created in the image of God
. . . Satan is engaged in a long war against God . . . How else can we
explain the national preoccupation with death . . . the clamor for Terri
Schiavo's death? . . . A society which embraces [evolution] can be
expected t o have a callous view toward life."

From the bulletin: Dr. Gish (age 84) announces his retirement.(sort of).
He has lectured or debated (300 debates; always the "clear victor!) in
every state but Maine, plus 40 countries.

I first met Duane at an ICR week long seminar in 1988 in Dallas. We have
had many good conversations and a few email exchanges. I consider him a
friend. At the same time I see how much damage he has done to the
Christian faith over his 84 years. He, of course, has similar feelings
toward me!

Gish was once an ASA member; he opposed the ASA's drift toward theistic
evolution and formed the Creation Research Society in 1963. The ICR was
formed in 1972.

John Morris has a laudatory article on Gish, who will receive the
"Issachar Award" this month from Cornerstone University. Another
"institution of lower learning" to beware of!

Pane4. Over 3,300 pastors and Christian leaders gathered at a conference
in Sun Valley, CA where ICR presented the latest update on the RATE
"research." Over 3,000 copies of THE GENESIS RECORD were distributed as
complimentary gifts to the attendees. Henry Morris was there; John
MacArthur gave him a warm public tribute. Morris was greeted by a
standing ovation from a "packed house" when introduced.

The upcoming RATE conference on November 5, 2005, was heavily promoted.
RATE promotional DVDs are available for churches who want them.

Page 5. Article on the laryngeal nerve. Why the "loop?" The corrupt
philosophy of evolution ism says it is unnecessary. Creation scientists
(not named of course) have several ideas to the contrary.

Page 6. Laudatory articles on recent lectures by Gulizza, Parker, Gish,
Sherwin, Criswell.

Insert -- IMPACT #383. "Darwin's Passion for Hunting and Killing." A
discussion of his "sadistic bent."

Insert -- "Back to Genesis." Article on ICR's origins.What its purpose is
NOT. What its purpose IS -- education.

Last page -- Article "Has Any Progress Been Made in Getting Creation in
the Public Schools?" Discussion of the Georgia sticker. Evolutionists are
". . . afraid of open discussion of the data." Some debate strategies
suggested. Use Reagan's phrase "There you go again." "maybe then the
media and the public at large will recognize this as a religious issue,
with the evolution side hiding behind dogma and authority and unwilling
to engage in an open dialog."

And that's the sorry story for another month.


(Review of Scott's latest book, "Evolution and Craetionism."
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