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From: Sheila Wilson <>
Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 16:27:23 EDT

Ken Ham came to town this past weekend. I heard him speak Friday night. It was an emotionally charged speech to "save Christianity" with bad science. He didn't even offer a question and answer period at the end. I was terribly saddened that many people attended and brought their children.
I learned that the magnetic reversals parallel to the mid-Atlantic ridge were formed when Noah's flood cause the geomagnetic poles to reverse. It was short nearly instantaneous event that occurred repeatedly in 40 days time.
Your ideas are greatly appreciated. The pastor of the church that had the seminars is deep into the "creation" belief. He's a member of the local chapter. As you all have said, you can't discuss something with someone who won't discuss. It is very frustrating.

gordon brown <gbrown@euclid.Colorado.EDU> wrote:

I am not sure from what you have said whether you think that there is
still a chance to cancel Ken Ham's appearance. If there is, it would
almost certainly have to be a result of what people in the congregation
hosting him do. Is there anyone among them whom you can discuss this with?
I was once able to get a special speaker for my church to counter what was
contained in some ICR films that had been shown. I was also once able to
organize some letter writers in my church to get a talk by some lesser ICR
person canceled.

Assuming that Mr. Ham does come and receives press coverage in either the
secular or Christian publications, you might consider writing a letter to
the editor. I have been thinking about what I might write if I were in
such a situation. It would be something along the lines of "Don't blame
the Bible for Ken Ham's errors." There are areas in which his positions
can be contrasted with the Scriptures and also with revered defenders of
the Bible.

Gordon Brown
Department of Mathematics
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0395

Sheila McGinty Wilson
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