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Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 13:41:14 EDT


> Is biology "physical" in your use of the word? How about psychology?
> I'm not trying to invoke a sense of vital force here, but
> philosophers of science, especially philosophers of biology, have
> long advocated an autonomy of biology that makes it irreducible to
> physics and chemistry (even though it may be fully built upon a
> physics and chemistry substratum). In other words, there are
> scientific concepts, laws, theories, etc. that can't be reduced to
> some physical-chemical expression--they are expressed only in terms
> of the biological world.
> This is why I want to distinguish between physical and natural.

I used the term "physical" to include all of physical reality (matter
and energy) and thus would include biology, neuroscience, etc. And no
I do not believe that everything is reducible to physics. My intended
distinction is between the physical (natural) and supernatural.

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