RE: Death before the Fall and the extent of the Flood

From: Don Perrett <>
Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 06:32:59 EDT

Hi David,
You wrote:
>>>>>>>>>Clip: What I meant to criticize was the attempts by
antievolutionists to read modern taxonomic categories into the Bible, e.g.
by claiming that the purported no death before the fall clause applies only
to mammals or that the purported separate creation of kinds means that
species/genera/families cannot evolve but evolution within said category is
OK. There's nothing wrong with categorizing animals by their style of
locomotion if you only want a handy way to label everything.

Excellent point. Some things can be read into too much. This is also why I
stated that ancient people may have been smarter. Street smarts you might
say. We rely to heavily on our technology to give us answers. And while it
may provide further insight in some areas, it can also lead us to rely less
on common sense. Common sense of course would say that ancient people were
not educated in modern taxonomy, and therefore would not be able to make as
specific a determination as claimed by the YECs.

Don P
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