RE: definition of science

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Sun Apr 24 2005 - 23:29:29 EDT

Hi Moorad, you wrote:

> However, how far back in time do we go regarding the question of origins?

As far as we can go. Where would you suggest we stop?

>Surely, Darwinism claims to go all the way back to the beginning,
whatever that is!

Darwin ventured a guess. That's okay. We can do that. He didn't state is
at a fact, and if anyone today knows where and how life arose they should
pony up.

> Weather forecast is based on purely mathematical models that simulate the
atmosphere based on physical concepts like temperature, pressure, etc.
Where is the predictive power in anthropology, biology, and genetics?

Is your point that only with the use of mathematical models can we make any

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