Definition of Science

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Date: Sun Apr 24 2005 - 12:55:58 EDT

When the question of the definition of science first arose, I sent this but
realized later that I only sent it to one person. As I have continued to read
the discussion of the topic, I believe even more strongly that what I sent
was a good definition and am sending it to all.

"Science is a hierarchy of causal explanations characterized by increasing
generalizations, quantifications and mathematical simplicity arrived at by and
inductive-deductive process characterized by isolation, control and
repeatability."  This definition was given at the beginning of a Philosophy of Science
course that I took from Dr. David Wolfe at The King's College in the 1960s.  He
then spent a semester in discussion of that definition -- and after taking a
couple of Philosophy of Science courses since and reading, I do not believe
that I have seen a more complete one than that.

Helen Martin
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