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> It is very important to express to the pastor that YEC
> views will alienate whatever __remnant__ of scientifically
> educated individuals remain within the pews and also some
> of the better intellectuals in other fields. Unfortunately,
> most of these type of people are rarely inclined to speak
> up and just stop coming. Their absence are rarely noticed.
> I think to stop coming effects no change, the change can
> only come in expressing resistance to such nonsense and
> that will not be easy. The line does have to come if YEC
> becomes a litmus test.

More importantly, Ken and many other antievolutionists make claims that are incompatible with the gospel. When creation science or intelligent design, not faith in Jesus, becomes the key issue, the result is anathema.
E.g., he claims that evolution is the enemy. But Jesus didn't save us from evolution, so what He did isn't good enough.
His attacks on old-earth creationists also show that young-earth views are what's most important.
Putting the traditions of creation science ahead of the command of God not to bear false witness is another bad sign.

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