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>Ken Ham has invaded my home town of Tulsa, OK. &nbsp;He is presenting at one
of our megachurches. &nbsp;The church has an excellent reputation, the Pastor
is a great man of God and his wife is a great woman of God. &nbsp;I am
saddened that Ken Ham will be getting that much publicity for his teachings.

It does seem that pastors can be pretty unaware of how
shocking and embarassing the YEC views are to scientifically
educated people (in particular). If is anything that
makes me wonder __why__ I go on being a Christian, it is
probably having to endure inane notions like YEC.
Can you address Ham's concerns? Can you scientifically support the morality
he strives to maintain? Or do you believe that the morality is no longer
important because of science? Does being a scientist mean you automatically move to
the left and abandon the morality? Have any of you ever considered explaining
the morality from a scientific point of view, and perhaps why it must be
maintained? I think Ham's heart is in the right place with his words below, but he
can't scientifically justify the morality so he rejects the science. He's
afraid science DOES justify abandoning the morality. Does it?

“If Christian leaders have told the next generation that one can accept the
world’s teachings in geology, biology, astronomy, etc., and use these to
(re)interpret God’s Word, then the door has been opened for this to happen in every
area, including morality.”
Ken Ham, A Young Earth – It’s not the Issue! (AiG-USA Newsletter) January

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