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Date: Thu Apr 21 2005 - 19:48:45 EDT

Sheila Wilson wrote:

>Ken Ham has invaded my home town of Tulsa, OK. &nbsp;He is presenting at one of our megachurches. &nbsp;The church has an excellent reputation, the Pastor is a great man of God and his wife is a great woman of God. &nbsp;I am saddened that Ken Ham will be getting that much publicity for his teachings.

It does seem that pastors can be pretty unaware of how
shocking and embarassing the YEC views are to scientifically
educated people (in particular). If is anything that
makes me wonder __why__ I go on being a Christian, it is
probably having to endure inane notions like YEC.

It is very important to express to the pastor that YEC
views will alienate whatever __remnant__ of scientifically
educated individuals remain within the pews and also some
of the better intellectuals in other fields. Unfortunately,
most of these type of people are rarely inclined to speak
up and just stop coming. Their absence are rarely noticed.
I think to stop coming effects no change, the change can
only come in expressing resistance to such nonsense and
that will not be easy. The line does have to come if YEC
becomes a litmus test.
>No, Burgy, they haven't won. &nbsp;Truth always wins. &nbsp;I believe that.

I also believe that truth will win, but don't think
it comes without wondering if God ever hears the cries
of those who are oppressed. It happens everywhere and
in everything under the sun, but perhaps it is even more
grievous in religion because the nonsense can live on
far longer than the clowns who first promoted it.

by Grace alone we proceed,
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