Re: conscious existence after death?

From: Jan de Koning <>
Date: Tue Apr 19 2005 - 14:05:01 EDT

Though I do not want to spend much "time" on it, I do want to remind you
that I said as well , that I said that "time" was a creation of the Lord as
well. That means when we see it as a fourth dimension, the word "until"
has a completely different meaning than we would attach to it. It is a
completely different way of living, thinking than we have now. I think of
how Moses and Elijah visited our Lord, and how our Lord could visit the
disciples (after His resurrection) in a locked room. That would indicate
to me that there is a fourth dimension, unknown to us now, which (could)
make the "moment" of our death the moment of our resurrection.

Now i really mean it, I stop on this subject now, and later in the year ask
me again.

Jan de Koning

At 12:40 PM 4/19/2005, wrote:
>Jan did not want to continue a discussion on this topic, so I thought I
>would post it seperately. I want to know if any of you have an opinion,
>and evidence to support your view of the following question(s).
>After death, do our souls/person/mind whatever you want to call it, cease
>to exist until the general resurrection? Or is there an intermediate state
>of conscious existence until the resurrection? And if there is an
>intermediate state, is this corporeal or only spirit?
>I am still working through the monism/dualism question. And scientifically
>it seems to me the best evidence is leading me towards monism. But the
>Bible, from the best I can tell, seems to say that there is an
>intermediate conscious state, followed by a general resurrection into a
>"spiritual" body. This would disagree with Jan's idea that there is no
>"time" in hades/sheol because the souls there are conscious.
>But I am looking for different perspectives on this.
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