conscious existence after death?

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Date: Tue Apr 19 2005 - 12:40:45 EDT

Jan did not want to continue a discussion on this topic,
so I thought I would post it seperately. I want to know
if any of you have an opinion, and evidence to support
your view of the following question(s).

After death, do our souls/person/mind whatever you want to
call it, cease to exist until the general resurrection?
 Or is there an intermediate state of conscious existence
until the resurrection? And if there is an intermediate
state, is this corporeal or only spirit?

I am still working through the monism/dualism question.
 And scientifically it seems to me the best evidence is
leading me towards monism. But the Bible, from the best I
can tell, seems to say that there is an intermediate
conscious state, followed by a general resurrection into a
"spiritual" body. This would disagree with Jan's idea
that there is no "time" in hades/sheol because the souls
there are conscious.

But I am looking for different perspectives on this.
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