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That is an oversimplification.

Certainly there were platonic influences to later ideas about bodies and
souls as seperate concepts.

But the Israelites clearly believed that some type of spirit existed after
the body died, for they resided in Hades. In other words after the body
died there was some type of existence. To quote John Cooper:

"Death is not the end of existence. It is rather the entrance of the
individual as a ghost-and etherial quasi-bodily being, not a Platonic soul
or Cartesian mind-into the dreary and lethargic, if not soporific, existence
of the underworld, Sheol, Abaddon, or in the Septuagint, Hades."

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> At 11:15 AM 4/15/2005, Don Perrett wrote:
>>If I understood the article correctly they state that things without a
>>"nephesh" had death before Adam. It is only the higher ordered animals
>>a soul that begin to experience death after the fall.
>>Don P
> "nephesh" is not necessarily "soul", nor is "soul" a Christian concept,
> but rather a Greek philosophical taken over by the medieval church.
> Jan de Koning
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