RE: Death before the Fall and the extent of the Flood

From: Don Perrett <>
Date: Tue Apr 19 2005 - 00:57:04 EDT

David wrote:
I recall seeing the suggestion that higher mammals were the organisms that
counted for no death. This claim is rather problematic, given that mammal
was clearly not an ancient Hebrew taxonomic concept. Instead, they are
divided among flying things, creeping things, etc.

Don P:
Personally I believe there was death in everything, physically, before Adam.
This is of course something that the article also specifically rejects. As
for the taxonomies, I would image that mammals are in a sense "nearly"
defined by the groupings of flying things (birds/bats/insects/etc), creeping
things/things that move along the ground (reptiles/insects/etc), and
"livestock/wild animals(mostly mammals)". Even when Genesis 1:20-23's
mention of "great creatures of the sea and every living and moving thing
with which the water teems" seems to indicate that they understood the
difference between fish and other sea animals/creatures/etc. They may not
have had specific terminology for each species then, which is the point of

I would imagine however that anyone at that time would have had a sense of a
soul from their livestock and domesticated animals. Having developed some
sort of personal relationship and care for them. Just as we do today. At
the very least, I would be of the opinion that these were included in the
higher animal concept. And perhaps even other wild animals of similar
appearance to the animals they lived with. But that's just my opinion.
This to me does not cover the overall idea of death occurring and the only
difference was a spiritual one due to the Fall.

Don P
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