Re: Death before the Fall and the extent of the Flood

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So bats could die before the fall? That's batty! What about the flying fox?
Were whales, porpoises etc classified as fish and could they die before the
fall? The whole argument is so flawed that it is simply risible. I just
cannot see how intelligent people can argue for it today.

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>> If I understood the article correctly they state that things without a
>> "nephesh" had death before Adam. It is only the higher ordered animals
>> with
>> a soul that begin to experience death after the fall.>
>> Don P
> The phrase "all that breathed" occurs not only in the description of what
> was wiped out by the Flood but also in Joshua 11 as what was wiped out by
> the invasion of Canaan. This raises questions about the extent to which
> animals are necessarily included.
> I recall seeing the suggestion that higher mammals were the organisms that
> counted for no death. This claim is rather problematic, given that mammal
> was clearly not an ancient Hebrew taxonomic concept. Instead, they are
> divided among flying things, creeping things, etc.
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