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Date: Mon Apr 18 2005 - 15:34:16 EDT

Vernon has stated that the equivalencies between Hebrew letters and
numbers were introduced at a late date, and so the human Biblical writers
would not have been aware of them. Thus any interesting patterns would
have to be attributed to God.

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On Sun, 17 Apr 2005, Jim Armstrong wrote:

> With respect to the information content of early Genesis a la Vern's
> postings, I'm pretty sure we underappreciate the perspectives and
> patient and worshipful skills of the Genesis writers with respect to
> numerical equivalencies and such. While I'm not sure the writers were
> aware of all the geometries and such that have been later associated
> with these passages, it would be truly stunning to find out that there
> was no attention paid by the Genesis writers to the collateral numerical
> significances of the letters and words.
> Instead, I would expect there to be extensive and intentional content of
> that sort in those words and expressions, given that there are always
> overtones and resonances (numeric and otherwise) in Hebrew writings. Any
> special content here would be expected, flowing from study and reverence
> for the Creator and the Creation story.
> Once intentional structure is introduced in such a way, there is bound
> to be a significant amount of collateral unintentional structure that
> can be discovered. Is that inspired or not? I guess one gets to make a
> choice.
> JimA
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