Re: Mountains

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Mon Apr 18 2005 - 08:37:27 EDT

Bill wrote> BP: I try to stay agnostic on the age of the earth.

Michael replies; when I go in the mountains under snow and ice I also try to
stay agnostic about the value of "g" and the coeficient of friction of ice.
After all I have never measured them and as most experiments have not been
done by born-again Chrsitans I am sceptical. It's fantastic to climb a sheer
face with a 1500ft drop below you. I also beleive that as boiling water on
top of everest is only hot and not scalding I can pour boiling water over
others to warm them up. What say ye?

If I were to take a stand based on the evidence as I understand it at this
time, I would say it is old.

Pray, what evidence is there that the earth is young?

> BP: Uniformitarian in the sense that the Himalayas are 50 million years
old instead of only 5 my old.

What do you mean by Uniformitarain? Far to often it is bandied about by
those who know nothing about Lyell, or how geologists actually do geology

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