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Date: Sun Apr 17 2005 - 23:29:28 EDT

Wayne wrote: Rather than pointing out petty faults in the current
scientific model, you need to find a clear way to show
that the scientific data points to a 6000 year old earth
in every aspect of study: astronomy, geology, anthropology,
history, and economics. You have not done that. In
isolation, some of the YEC models __might__ be consistent,
but viewed holistically, they are simply not. The greatest
error seems to be that whereas the YEC folk can find petty
discrepancies in the scientific model, they never admit to
the enormous discrepancies in their own model. At least
admitting that you have serious problems with your model
would be more earnest than what I see.

A 6,000-year old earth isn't my model; neither is a 4.5 billion-year old earth.

>Since the paperback version of this book is ~$60 (hardback ~$150), then I doubt I'll be sending you a free copy.

Can ICR send (or loan) Michael a copy?

I'm sure they could, but I can't imagine why they would when he could get it from his local library if he wanted to.


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