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Date: Sat Apr 16 2005 - 22:16:15 EDT

>This, and other items in your post, show that you don't get it. Because
>Baumgartner said it, with years M=k. Indeed, G=k, but he did not assert
>this equivalence in the part cited from this work. In terms of the energy
>involved in the rapid movement of plates, PJ=pJ (or whatever). Because a
>YEC said it, it is true beyond all doubt. How can you argue with ABSOLUTE
>TRUTH? What's so difficult to understand? Of course, you adopt the view
>that science is tentative, a prejudice not held by YECs.

Yes indeed, this mortal man who must learn by the
sweat of his brow and scuffle the thistles and
thorns to yield a fickle crop cannot appreciate
what it means to simply KNOW the truth.

I am without defense.
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