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Date: Sat Apr 16 2005 - 17:23:03 EDT

Hello Jan,

With respect, have you ever considered the possibility that the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures might contain more information than is immediately obvious? The great mystery is, How can it be that Christians who so readily accept the dictum "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord..." (Is.55:8,9) dismiss the matter so readily?

I have no interest in "playing games", as you put it. What I am bringing forward are _genuine discoveries_ rather than _fabricated coincidences_. You must see that Christendom is currently _in a mess_. People no longer know who or what to believe. It therefore makes perfect sense to me that, having foreseen this situation long ago, God will have incorporated one or more _self-authenticating principles_ into His Word. It has been my privilege to uncover one of these.

Jan, we are speaking here of _facts_. You may regard them as unpalatable - but, as a scientist, you must surely require that they be explained, rather than ignored. In the absence of a naturalistic explanation the inference must be that they are of supernatural origin; and since they serve to elevate the Lord and His Word, He must be their Author. Really, it's all a matter of simple logic.


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    A fair alternative reading of the Hebrew of these tribal names leads to a rectangular array of whole numbers. 'Jesus Christ' is encoded 3 times in this array; by name, once in Greek and once in Hebrew; by description, once in Hebrew. The details may be found here:
    Surely mysteries such as these must be accomodated by all who are committed to the search for truth. I trust you would agree.

  No, I don't. I still call it playing games. And it may be a wonderful sway to play games, but I don't think that God ever talks to us in riddles.

  Jan de Koning
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