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From: Jim Armstrong <>
Date: Sat Apr 16 2005 - 01:08:33 EDT

All of this ilk of "cataclysm" talk seems to take no heed of the
magnitude of the catatrophic results of a cataclysm that, for example,
unfolds as in this description. In our time, we have the benefit of
seeing the consequences of the recent tsunami which resulted from a 1
meter shift (in some places) in geography (geology). They were pretty
awsome. Even with that example, I don't think we can even get our
imagination around the disaster that would follow releases of energy
that resemble in any measure the quoted model. It would not only
rearrange geography substantially, but the earthquakes, volcanic
activity, and massive displacements of water would likely go on
"forever" with respect to a 6000 year time line.

It's the same "what's wrong with this picture" issue that I have with
Dr. Brown's book in which he theorizes about the "waters of the deep"
being loosed by the crumbling of the earth's crust. Man would I have
hated to be there when THAT happened!!! I don't think the results of
that event would settle down in a few days' time!! JimA

... Baumgardner says

> "...the only way to fit all these observations together
> in a consistent manner is to conclude that the Flood
> involved an episode of extremely fast plate tectonics
> that cycled the pre-Flood ocean floor, as well as that
> formed early in the cataclysm, into the earth's mantle.2
> The energy to drive this event was readily available in
> the form of gravitational potential energy of the cold,
> pre-Flood ocean floor rocks. The stress-weakening
> tendency of silicate minerals comprising mantle rocks
> allows the process to unfold in a runaway manner.3
> Laboratory experiments document that these minerals
> can weaken by as much as 8-10 orders of magnitude for
> shear stress levels that can occur in the mantles of
> planets the size of the earth."
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