Re: Importance of Creation Debate

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Date: Fri Apr 15 2005 - 11:46:07 EDT

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> George wrote:
> God is not represented here as providing answers to those questions -
> i.e.,
> any proof that he is the creator. That never comes into question in the
> Book of Job.
> & in fact what God provides for what IS the question of the book is hardly
> "proof." When Job demands to know why the righteous suffer, God's answer
> is
> "Can you draw out Leviathan with a fishhook?"
> Don P:
> That never meant to imply that God was giving answers to the ways of
> creation. But let me give you a hypothetical dialogue.
> "Listen to me"
> "Why should I listen"
> "Am I not your boss?"
> This last line (question) may be rhetorical, since both parties are surely
> aware of there status/position. But it is given as a reason that the
> other
> should listen. When God says to Job, "Where were you when """I""" ....",
> I
> take the "Where were you" as the meaning you have stated. But with the
> inclusion of """I""" it seems to me that God not only tries to put Job in
> his place, he also places himself within the perspective. In doing so, he
> is saying that HE alone is God. This was what I meant by proof of
> creation.
> If any other God were to make the claim without the """I""" then it would
> not have this meaning.

If you take God's statements that he is the creator as proof that he is,
sure. But again, that's not what at's issue in the book so for God to prove
that he's the creator would be beside the point there. The question that's
being confronted is whether or not God is a _just_ creator.

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