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From: Don Perrett <>
Date: Fri Apr 15 2005 - 11:15:31 EDT

If I understood the article correctly they state that things without a
"nephesh" had death before Adam. It is only the higher ordered animals with
a soul that begin to experience death after the fall.

Don P

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>>Now will I beat Ted Davis to it as we will probably say similar things.

Their claim is based on what they see as the proper reading of Romans5
and I cor 15 21-22, that as by man came death there could be no death
Adam. If there was then Jesus' death is invalid and Christianity is bunk.
A good statement is Whitcomb's appendix Paleontology and the Edenic Curse

p454ff of The Genesis Flood.>>

Yeah, I know the basis for their claim. What I don't know is what living
organisms are covered by it.

Burgy (Review of Singer's latest book)
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